domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Gaby Skin @ SaNaRae

♥Gaby Skin♥

Hello cutie♥ Gaby will be available at SaNaRae this April 25 
as always is special for Catwa Jessica but you can still use with the rest of the heads, please try demo because looks diferent depends of the head you wear. 

Each tone include
  Head appliers:
1 Catwa skin applier- 5 lips colors, 4 eyebrows, no eyebrows and tintable
1 Omega skin applier- 5 lips colors, 4 eyebrows, no eyebrows

Classic avatar:
  5 Classic Skins with no eyebrows 4 Eyebrows  and tintable (mod)
  1 Loud mouth applier hud with five lip colors 

classic and catwa 
Body appliers:    Omega, 
 Slink body, hand, feet. 

Demo Available (don't forget to clean layers before)
(unedited snapshots)


Eyebrow options

Lipstick options

Uniform : B.C.C. - Canna Sailor Handbok Dress Pink
Ribbon : B.C.C. - Canna Head Ribbon Blush
  Hair: DUE - Inka + Young
Ribbon : Violent Seduction - Selene Ribbon Choker (pink)

Skin : Enfer Sombre* - Peach Tone - Gaby 
Eyes : Song - Pam~ Blue Grey Eye
Mesh Body : Maitreta - Lara V3.5
Mesh Head : Catwa - Jessica v4.8


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