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Luna Skin

Hello cutie♥ The crystal heart event begins this June 30, is a one time event created for the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon.

Luna is inspired on Serena and comes a little diferent this time, you can apply five diferent skins with full makeup as a base, you can still use the eyebrows and lipsticks to mix the diferent makeups. Was made in this way to help you, so if you still want to apply eyeshadows or blushes the layers will be not affected, so that's all :3


  Head appliers:
Catwa applier:  Hud with five base skins with full makeup, 
5 lipsticks
4 eyebrows and tintables

Body appliers:
 Slink body, hand, feet. 

Demo Available (don't forget to clean layers before)
Base Skins

Bruise +  Lipsticks


Hair: Olive - the Rosie Moon Hair MOVE
Uniform : something - sailor school uniform_RARE 01
Choker : Altair*- crystal collar .purple. (tinted)
Skin : Enfer Sombre* - Catwa skin applier Peach tone - Luna
Eyes: Song - Pam~ Blue

Mesh Body : Maitreta - Lara V3.5
Mesh Head : Catwa - Jessica v4.9
 Mesh hands : Slink - avatar enhancement hands v2.3 - Flat



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